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2011 Reader's Choice DiningGuide's Best Washington D.C. Award

2011 Reader's Choice
DiningGuide's Best Washington D.C. Awards

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We asked, and readers delivered ... giving us valued opinions on restaurants in selected cities that are worthy of DiningGuide's "2011 Best" awards. Below, you'll find out who made the grade for DiningGuide's honor roll. From coast to coast in cities big and small, DiningGuide brings you detail-packed information on where to sip, sup, and relax at places for casual bites to the finest in gourmet dining. Now, it's time to try DiningGuide's honored restaurants for 2011 ... and to let us know in follow-up reviews if they continue to meet ribbon-worthy standards.

And The Winners Are...

Best American Restaurant

Blue Duck Tavern

Washington, D.C.
Best Burger

Ray's the Steak

Arlington, VA
Best Chinese Restaurant

Meiwah Restaurant

Washington, D.C.
Best Fine Dining

L'Auberge Chez Francois

Great Falls, VA
Best Indian Restaurant

Heritage India Dupont & Lounge

Washington, D.C.
Best Italian Restaurant

Tosca Ristorante

Washington, D.C.
Best Mexican Restaurant

Lauriol Plaza

Washington, D.C.
Best Pizza

Pizzeria Paradiso

Washington, D.C.
Best Seafood Restaurant


Washington, D.C.
Best Steak

The Prime Rib

Washington, D.C.
Best Sushi Restaurant

Kaz Sushi Bistro

Washington, D.C.

A big thanks goes to all our readers voting in the "2011 Reader's Choice DiningGuide's Best Awards" Contest! Your efforts have made this year's awards a huge success.

Washington D.C.
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